Friday, March 30, 2007

God cares

I was just reading on the news about wage abuse in China. For some reason the fast food chains think it is perfectly reasonable to pay their employees way below the minimum wage to work part time in their companies. McDonald's for example pays the student workers 4 yuan ($0.52) per hour. The minimum wage for Guangdong province is 7.5 yuan per hour ($0.95). Even though this is still extremely low, McDonald's pays 40% less than that minimum wage. I couldn't help thinking of some over sized executive sitting in a plush chair in his office deciding what kind of wage to give to the poor starving workers in China. As I read the article my pulse started beating fast with indignation.

I started thinking about all of the students and workers in China who are suffering from injustice, and I realized that this problem is not only in China but around the world. What about those people who have never had warm clothes or the feeling of a full stomach? Will they ever understand what it is like to be comfortable? Does anyone care that these people are suffering? As soon as I thought that, I knew the answer: God cares. He sees when injustuce happens, He hears the cry of His children that are hungry, that are suffering, that are needy. He cares. He has a special reward for those who have suffered so much in this world. Thankfully this world's long history of unfairness will very soon be over, and Jesus will soon come in the clouds to take His suffering children home to a beautiful kingdom prepared for them!

My birthday weekend

A few weeks ago my family came over to Norway for my birthday. We had a really awesome time going to Beitostolen, skiing, building a snow cave, jumping off the roof into the deep snow, going to the Heiberg's house, snow "swimming", lip syncing Christmas songs late at night, touring around some Oslo museums, and generally spending a great time with my favorite people!

Three tramps revisited

Mom, Petra, Tee, and Dad and the lovely snow

Berit and Mom

Dad and the ice

Yes, Robby really is in mid air

Deep in thought