Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Only two years

A few weeks ago a lady came to Fredheim. She is about fifty years old, and has a big, friendly smile, and brilliant, twinkling eyes. When you look at her, you wouldn't realize that she has only, at most, two years to live.

I have never met a person with such love of others and bright outlook on life, even when her own is slipping away. I often sit at her table during mealtimes, and never a day goes by without the whole table bursting out with laughter because of jokes she has made.

The most impressive thing that I have seen is that she is such a strong Christian. She always speaks about how God has transformed her life, and that one day Jesus will come again to save the whole world. She always mentions that whatever happens, whether she lives or dies, God knows the end from the beginning and He will make sure that everything will "work together for good, to those who are called according to His purpose."

She really lives a life worthy of her Savior and Friend, Jesus.