Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Be still and know that I am God"

Midterms done, bags packed, and now I am heading off on an orchestra tour during Spring break. Sometimes days seemed so packed that there is no time for everything else that is important too. This is when we really need to "Be still and know that I am God." (Ps. 46:10) In the peace of morning devotions, or the sound of a bird cheerfully proclaiming God's goodness I am reminded of how loving He really is.

Happy break everyone!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Blessed Blood

This Tuesday I had the privilege to donate blood to Blood Assurance. I had never given blood before, so I couldn't help wondering whether it would hurt when they began to take it. To my surprise it hardly hurt at all. I could joke with my friends who were also giving blood, ask questions to the nurse, and watch with fascination my blood filling up in the bag. I thought of people that my blood might go to... it might possibly help save a life!

Because much of my blood was taken out, I was advised to sit for a few minutes and get my bearings before I left. About five minutes after they took the needle out, a familiar feeling came across me. I felt like I was in a small tunnel that was rapidly disappearing. People were trying to say something to me, but they looked extremely fuzzy and far away. Yes, I was about to pass out. Previously I had thought that it was only people who were afraid of needles who would faint after giving blood, but I guess not. Thankfully I had good medical attention, and after resting and having a cooling pack on my neck everything was alright again.

Even though I was about to pass out the thought crossed my mind that I would like to donate again. I might feel lightheaded for a few minutes, even a few hours, but wasn't I saving someone by donating? Then I thought about Jesus. He didn't just donate a few pints of blood for someone, He was willing to die that someone may be saved. That someone is you and me. Friend, don't take Jesus' blood for granted. He loves you so deeply that He was willing to give His all for you. That is Blessed Assurance!