Monday, November 10, 2008


He heaved himself up onto the seat with a little effort, flipped the hymnal to a random page, opened his mouth and sent out a wailing heard across the church. Later during intercessory prayer, I could hear him mumbling serenely with folded hands and tightly closed eyes. Sabastian is only two years old, and it is very enjoyable to see his sincere devotion to Jesus, doing what he can to sing and pray like the "big people".

Then I began to think what it must be like for Jesus to see His little ones singing and praying before Him. Even though I can't understand Sabastian's garbled Norwegian, I can just imagine God the Father and Jesus leaning forward to catch every little word from the little boy's heart. I bet they are delighted to listen as he joins his voice with the rest of the congregation in hymns to his Maker.

Sometimes we are ashamed to pray aloud, or we don't want to sing, in case someone would criticize us. We should take our inspiration from seeing little children lifting up their voices to God. It doesn't matter what people think, or what others may say, the only thing that matters is that we offer our best for Jesus, just like little Sabastian.