Sunday, July 05, 2009

Humorous God

God has a sense of humor.

Last week I felt that I really needed some solid time in prayer. Even though I believe that we should always be engaging in prayer, this time I particularly felt that I needed some uninterrupted time with my Lord.

I knelt down and began speaking earnestly with God. Just then, my dog, Tinka (who had been resting peacefully by my bed), decided to get up and start grumbling at me to pet her. Unwilling to be distracted, I continued my prayer, but this time asking God to avert the distraction.

Tinka thought about it for a while, and since she did not get the response that she wanted, promptly lay down on my legs! Now I was virtually "pinned down" to praying! God changed the distraction to a blessing, and in a way that made me laugh! He has such a sense of humor!