Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Adventures in Norge

Driving over to the Heibergs house last Friday I wasn't sure how the weekend would go, but judging from my previous experiences of spending time with Robby, I knew that it would be an adventure.
We arrived on Friday afternoon to spend an great hour studying about the Crucifixion for Sabbath evening worship. After supper we just relaxed by the fire. There is nothing like a warm fire, a dog sleeping at your feet, and good company when snow is flurrying outside.
Sabbath morning, after a good personal worship, Robby and I decided to start making breakfast. Robby's dad is an awesome cook, and we had the professional chef of EBS Robert visiting too. Therefore, Robby and I thought it would be a good challenge to cook the whole weekend for them! We started off by making potatoes and scrambled tofu for breakfast. It turned out quite well, but we started cooking when we felt hungry which is a big mistake, because it was not finished until much later when we were well nigh famished! After breakfast we had a home church with much singing and reading from the Pilgrim's Progress. That is one of my favorite books and we had a great time each reading different voices for Christian, Pliable, Help, Evangelist...
After worship we bundled up and went on a hike up a logging rout. It was a little icy down and I ended up sitting down and sliding most of the time. Most enjoyable.
When we got back, Robby and I started making Indian food for lunch/supper. It turned out very well; even the great chefs went for seconds :-).
Saturday night Robby and I decided to make smoothies for Werner and Robert. We made three different types of smoothies and they had to guess what the ingredients were. Some of the things that were in the smoothies were: lettuce, strawberries, almonds, raisins, rice, fennel, tomatoes, blueberries, garlic... and GINGER! Robby and I liked them all, but I think that the apple juice, rice, tomato and garlic one was a little hard for Robert and Werner to take :-). Needless to say was that all of the smoothies were vitamin rich and very healthy.
After all of the smoothies I decided that our teeth needed to be cleaned quite thoroughly. I have been in a bit of dental with drawl since I haven't been working at my dad's office, so Robby generously agreed to be my patient as I flossed his teeth! He then decided to floss my teeth. I felt quite well flossed afterward, and I enjoyed my time doing dental hygiene again.
Sunday morning was absolutely beautiful, so not wanting to waist the gorgeous day we threw our boots in the car and drove to a mountain that you can see 1/6th of Norway! It was quite windy and the snow was blown from depths of about five centimeters to a meter. We hiked for about two and a half hours to get to the top, but halfway up we realized that we tragically forgot any kind of power food. It was quite a vigorous hike, and both Robby and I run out of energy very quickly, but sheer stubbornness got us up to the top. It was well worth it once we got there. There were some clouds, so we couldn't see the whole view, but it was amazingly beautiful with the white topped peaks and the dark green fir trees dotting the landscape. Those who have never been to Norge I would advise to quit reading this blog, buy a plane ticket and come over here and experience it yourself! It's simply awesome!
As expected the weekend was delightful, enjoyable, pleasing, fun, satisfactory and... and an adventure!


Threads Everywhere said...

This sounds like too much fun! Are you sure you are in school there?

Petraglyph said...

awww Tee! What a fun weekend! I really really really wish I were there right now...

Jan Robert (Robby) Heiberg said...

I'm always enjoying our adventures Tee!

Julianne said...

A garlic smoothie??? I can imagine ginger (barely) but have a hard time with the garlic one. Actually, I have to say that I've been thinking of you recently because we've been using more ginger lately (in Dal soup etc.--even a smoothie once because it is a good pain-reliever!) and I remember the Houmann family as the chief ginger users. (:

Looks and sounds like you're doing really well. Enjoy!!! Love, Julie

Chopsticks on Oboe said...

yes mom, I do some school :-), it was sure fun visiting with you and Dad and Pet this weekend!

Pet: you'll just have to visit again soon!

Robby: I enjoy our adventures immensely too! Same procedure as last time!

Julie: I'm so glad you stopped by! Ginger is great! I will have to make you a ginger/garlic smoothie sometime when I trek up to Maine or if you visit me here

Jan Robert (Robby) Heiberg said...

Julianne - ginger and garlic smoothies are great. Of course we put lots and lots of strawberries/blueberries with it. In that way the taste is not so strong. You should try it sometime! It's great both for preventetive (sick) and also if you already have gotten sick. Tee and I will make an ultra-ginger-garlic smoothie tonight - as preventative medicine :D.

Luke said...

Do you and Robby know my sister, Elisa? She spent the last year at EBS cooking.