Friday, May 25, 2007

My new brother

Petra and Paul at their wedding

My new brother and I

Pet and Paul

My siblings!

I have always wanted a brother. Ever since I was about three or four I wanted to adopt a Chinese baby boy, or at least have my parents adopt him so I could have a little brother. Pet and I would sometimes sit and think what we would do if we had a little brother. I think we would have spoiled him totally with all that we planned to do. When our good friends Annie and Gigi got a little brother we spent so much time with them, that he was like a little brother to us. Sadly, they moved away, so we had to give up our "little brother".

Last weekend all that changed. My sister got married on Sunday to Paul. I think if I had to find my own brother, I would have chosen him. Good choice Pet, and thanks for finally giving me the brother that we've always wished for! :-) Welcome to the family Paul!


Jan Robert (Robby) Heiberg said...

Congratulations with your new brother Tee!

Per said...

I liked having just girls, but change can be good and in this case it is. Having Paul around sure is nice! Good choice of a brother, Tee!

Becca said...

Brothers are a blessing from God. Having 4 of them myself I can say that!! Congrats on the added family!

Threads Everywhere said...

From the amount of energy that Paul exudes in his twenties I can imagine that he was quite the handful as a little boy! I am glad that we get to benefit from all of Lyn and Tim's hard work. We love Paul with all of his enthusiasm, his infectious smile and that fabulous energy!

Paul said...

I have always wanted a sister, and was greatly disappointed when Barry and John turned out male. They're fine strong brothers, but I'm very happy to have a sister.
And not just any sister. Petra's my first choice for a wife, and you're my first choice for a sister. God has blessed.
Thanks for the welcome to your family!
Welcome to mine!

Caitlin said...

aw, how cute!