Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The good life

Back to the books again, but I am still jubilant! My computer has finally started working again and the press of deadlines are not upon me yet. The fresh Norwegian air is lingering in my lungs after an enjoyable Yuletide jaunt to the most beautiful country in the world. Yes, life is good, but the best thing is that Jesus loves us and that He is coming soon! Now that's something to be happy about!


Little Christen said...

You're lucky that you don't have deadlines yet! But I'm glad that you had this time to blog. I'm not sure when I'll ever have a chance to do it again! Yes, Jesus IS coming soon, and praise God for that hope. It's the best one in the world!!!

Jan Robert (Robby) Heiberg said...

Life is good! God is good!

barry said...

I would think the Saudi Arabians had a pretty beautiful country too, provided I was seeing it through the eyes of a native.