Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A prayer answered

I yawned and rolled out of bed onto my knees. As I began my morning prayers, I mentioned to God that I really wanted to have a meaningful conversation about Him to someone that day.

I worked in the morning, and that enabled me to go for a walk with the guests to the mountains. It was extremely icy, so I walked with our oldest guest in order that he would have help on the slippery parts so he wouldn't fall.

His name is Hans Olaf, and he has been a regular at Fredheim for as long as any of us can remember. He is 93 years old and goes out skiing everyday, unless it is summer, when he swims. In the summer, he lives in a small cabin about a mile from the nearest house. During the winter though, he makes his residence here at Fredheim. My boss always introduces him to the news guests as "Fredheim's mascot".

As we walked, Hans Olaf and I talked about many various things: How the weather was, where he liked to travel, his favorite foods, ect. We then decided to rest awhile on the steps of an old house, built in the 1600s. The snow was beautiful, sparkling in the bright Spring sun. Not a cloud was in the sky, and it was such a dark blue, that my photos couldn't even register the color.

I mentioned to Hans Olaf how wonderful God was, creating such a beautiful earth. He heartily agreed, then continued to speak more about Creation, and what days each thing was created. We spoke about the New Earth, and how even more glorious it would be. There we will have no more crying or pain, and everything will be created anew with even more beauty than we can imagine! We will not even need the sun, because God will be our light! Even though there is 73 years difference between Hans Olaf and I, the years seemed to dissipate as we both excitedly talked about our mutual Friend, Jesus.

I felt such a blessing through our conversation, and praise God that He does answer prayers!

"No longer will you have the sun for light by day, nor for brightness will the moon give you light; but you will have the Lord for an everlasting light, and your God for your glory." -- Is. 60:19


Little Christen said...

That's great, Martina! God never passes up the opportunity to let a willing person witness for Him. :) I guess I used to think that witnessing was just telling those people who didn't know God about Him. But this year I've finally realized that we can witness to Christians too, and sometimes, that's where we make a bigger impact...

Threads Everywhere said...

Fredheim looks beautiful in the snow, and Hans Olaf looks great in the sunglasses! Sharing a love for Jesus makes it a beautiful day!

Kelsey said...

That's neat, Martina! Sometimes it can be almost startling how God knows just what we need!